Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I've Published a Book!

Good News! I've recently published a book that I only wrote for fun and in turn ended up publishing it. I'm very excited to have published it and though I ended up seeing 2/3 typos -______- this is my first book and there will be more to come! Above is the book summary:

Filled with personal accounts based on real college experiences from a recent college graduate, this guide offers help on the struggles of being financially independent. Starting a new school, creating new friendships, and experiencing difficult years while in college, these personal accounts are complete with helpful advice on just about everything that a student may need; including the realization of the everyday use of money. This is "Making a Dollar Stretch: The Graduates Guide to a Student's Lifesaver." 

You can purchase my book HERE on and Kindle!
OR HERE on Smashwords!

P.S Shoutout to Bo Ra Na Lim for the Graphics

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic 2012, Part II: Disappointment

It's Olympic Day #2 and Team USA has won a total of 12 medals, 5 medals being Gold. While Team Puerto Rico unfortunately has yet to win anything.
But, this post isn't about the medal wins, it's about the sport of Softball. The sport of Softball has been taken out of the Olympic 2012 & 2016 games with a chance at the 2020 Olympic games, along with 16 other sports. Softball is a sport dear to me being that I played on my High School Softball team for 3 years and would've continued if my college had a team.

Added in the Olympics of 1996, the USA Softball team took home gold in every Olympic tournament. Some people believe that it was taken out because other countries aren't competitive in this sport, because only eight teams were competing. With Baseball being taken out, Softball was being compared to it even though the two sports have a lot of differences. Among these differences are the size of the ball and field, the pitching style, and the numbers of innings played. Baseball wasn't favored because the professional baseball teams in the United States won't send their players to the games. Whereas the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League both allow their professional players to participate in the Olympics. 

My question is, Why take Softball Out? Though it was voted off, missing it by one point, Softball is watched and played by many little girls. Taking Softball out of The Olympics has upset many fans and players of the sport, including me! Make sure to petition to get Softball back for the Olympics 2020 games!
Click HERE and visit the Save Softball Website.

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Olympics 2012!

This year, the Olympics are hosted in London and boy was the Opening Ceremony Grand! Lasting between the days from July 27th to August 12th, the Olympics are athletic competitions of many sports between nations; extremely fierce competition. Attended by thousands including royalty, presidents, dictators, etc, the  Opening Ceremony was showed/performed last night and lasting up to 4 hrs as London pulled out all the stops needed to make the opening memorable. Titled “Isle of Wonder” and created by Danny Boyle, he pulled out all of its high technology costing hundreds of millions of dollars. It featured great pop music, comedy and the roots of social networking. It also included big theatrics and majority of famous British characters; being apart of Britain's rich cultural heritage. One of the most memorable acts with Queen Elizabeth II making her acting debut alongside James Bond in a film beamed into the Olympic Stadium. Former Beatle Paul McCartney, closed the show with the song "Hey Jude" and ending with the lighting of 240 torches in total (marking all 240 nations.)

Because I'm Puerto Rican I'm rooting for them just as much as Team USA; though having only 25 athletes with Team USA having 594 athletes.

This year will also be the first year I watch the Special Olympics, I've always wanted to watch it but never got the chance to. These athletes may have disabilities but they can all be a lot stronger then I am, mentally and/or physically. It's going to be a good Olympic year!
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 More articles!

Here are three more articles I have written for Enjoy!

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New York Doctors Walk-In Urgent Care

I've recently been writing for the New York Doctors Walk-In Urgent Care facility. Here is a brief background of the Urgent Care office.

New York Doctors Walk-In Urgent Care is a convenient, quality medical care facility located in the Greenwich Village (65 West 13th.) Open 365 days a year, Monday through Friday from 8AM-8PM, and Weekends from 9AM-6 PM; conveniently located next to the New School. They're a facility specializing in walk-in service for patients who are in need of prompt medical treatment and are unable to wait for their primary care physician; or do not have their own primary care physician. With a state of the art X-Ray machine, the New York Doctors Urgent Care facility offers X-rays, vaccines, physicals, among many other general medical care and services. 

As its name states, no appointment is needed and is all walk-in base; if you feel that you need to see a doctor stop by and they’ll be sure to help you. Promptly and efficiently!

Check out and follow their blog at:
Follow their Twitter: @NYDrsUrgentCare
Like their Facebook page : New York Doctors Urgent Care
Visit the Website:

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


While working for Campus Clipper I got the chance to read a book called Twittfaced by: Jacob Morgan and Josh Peters. It's a book and toolkit on how to expand your understanding, knowledge, and maximizing the use of social media. Social media being Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare to name a few. The book begins with explaining who this book is targeting and what it's targeting for, such as: Individuals, Professionals, Organizations, and Everyone in general. They also explain that these social media tools can be also used as personal and not just only business; "we can know a lot about a person without actually knowing them." So if you're looking to read something simple and straightforward, while looking to expand your "brand" with the help/use of social media be sure to read this great book. Ask yourself, "Why should I use social media and how does it make things better?"

With social media we are seeing the exact same changes and evolution. Businesses that continued to exist without a website were left behind and the same thing is going to happen to businesses that refuse to participate in social media. Businesses that refuse to build relationships with their customers are going to die and nobody is going to be at their funeral (sad, right?). ~”Twittfaced”

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oldies but Goodies

Cruise Summer 2011. Can you tell we had fun during our free time? These great photos were taken in the room of our second cruise vacation. With Royal Caribbean we sailed for 9 days and visited Bermuda, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico in that order. If you haven't experienced a cruise vacation, I totally recommend it. Nothing is better than being pampered 24/7 on a boat! With free room service, activities, prizes, pools, something to do every  hour, golfing, mountain climbing, and nights like "formal night" to name a few you can't beat what cruises have to offer. Not only do you have a great vacation and completely enjoy yourself, you meet people from other states and countries in the process. Though it may sound weird these are the same people you might see morning, noon, and night; with vacationers ages ranging from a 1 year old to even an 80 year old there is something for everyone. It's the greatest experience and you won't be disappointed.So book your ticket now!
P.S How great is my tan?! I can't wait for the goodness of Summer 2012 to come :D

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

20TH Century Women Writer's

Here is a quick blog post I made explaining how I see/ my definition of Feminist Literature. This class was one of the most difficult Literature courses I had taken throughout my year(s). Just click HERE and you can view the post on the class blog.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

I LOVE Pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that quote couldn't hold so true. There's just so much more to a picture that tends to grab me all the time. I would like a NIKON to capture my own lovely photos soon and add more to my artistic and creative portfolio.

Where are all the Jobs?!

Here I am, with two degrees; one in English and the other in Advertising and Public Relations. I'm stuck in the freshly graduated slump. The slump where I go days applying and reapplying to jobs, the slump that the majority of college graduates seem to go through at least once in their lifetime. We all need A job to help us earn money or THAT job to help us earn a salary. A job we enjoy working for or THAT job that feels like a drag everyday you enter its vicinity. As a graduate, finding a job is the hardest thing ever. The majority of jobs are looking for experienced workers and as a college graduate, the only experience I have is schooling -_-. Long story short, I need a job! I want a job that I'll enjoy going to every day and a job that will feed on my passion for writing. I love creating stories, editing others works, anything writing inspired/needed is what I love to do; this including magazines especially. So as I continue to cross my fingers, I hope THE job I want will come calling for ME (Olivia Orellano) soon. Until then, I'll have to keep applying and "enjoy" (sarcasm intended) this slump. Maybe even start the business I've always wanted to start.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If you're looking for anything to do in the Midtown area, both East and/or West, visit They're a website that gives information on happenings in New York City, including new year's, restaurants, hotels, theater, museum, travel, tours, etc. You name it, they will have all the information you need; whether you're a tourist or a New York City resident.

Check out two articles I've written for the website on the links below. Just click on the words and it'll direct you to each of my articles. Enjoy!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hygiene: Important or Not?

In society today appearance is everything; ever heard of the quote "Don't judge a book by its cover?" Nowadays, society is forced to look at someone and come up with the notion of who the person is and where they're from. Good thing, as students we have mastered the art of taking care of ourselves and our appearance. The art of “Hygiene.”

Hygiene is the quintessential must for a healthy body; maintaining it in your everyday life will most importantly prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Many people are very conscious of their hygiene; it is what will help in the process of others judging your book by your cover (majorly). The better we're presented the more assured we are of showing an image that reflects our personalities. With bad hygiene, let's just say you won't want to experience it.

Hygiene is what can make or break a person; as students, though it's easy to wake up fifteen minutes before class and throw on yesterday’s outfit, it’s important to look somewhat decent. You don't know who will end up as the class guest speaker while you’re sitting in a pair of torn up dirty jeans and yesterday’s underwear. Of course, smelling good comes along side hygiene and is a must. You can't impress someone with nasty smelling breath, and an odor coming from your body; wear a welcoming scent as to not scare people away. Grooming, just like smelling good will help on your approach. Growing out a month full of facial hair without the proper grooming will have more running away from you then getting close to you. Long Story short, Hygiene is a MUST!
If you need help with hygiene, I will like to welcome you to Beauty & Youth. Beauty & Youth is a Full Service Salon and Spa for both males and females; it is a place where you'll find a blend of great quality service. You can experience an Eastern European Spa, with services ranging from nail therapy, skin care, and assortment of body treatments; such as: laser treatments, and waxing.

Open seven days a week from 10:00 AM till 9:00 PM, Beauty & Youth is conveniently open for your every needs. With friendly staff that pays the utmost attention to detail and who keep all of their customers leaving satisfied and coming back for more of the services they offer.

Hey ladies ever needed a quick and easy way to take off the unwanted hair "down there?" Beauty & Youth offers a Brazilian wax used with painless wax that'll leave you with nothing; both easy on your bikini area, and your money.

As a special offer for its Grand Opening, Beauty and Youth will give students a special spa package. $25 dollars for a unique chocolate manicure and pedicure, $35 Brazilian Wax, and 1/2 OFF all hair salon services with valid coupon and student ID.

For more info on Beauty & Youth you can go to their website at:
Or contact them at one of their two locations:
17 W 8th St
New York 
(212) 463-0246

A fast and easier way to obtain this coupon can be done by downloading the Campus Clipper iTunes APP at:

More coupon deals can be found at, just sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter at: and you’ll be a part of the fast and easy way of saving.

-Olivia Orellano

The Secret to Spending is, Saving

Right now, the majority of you students have spent your time on the internet searching for money saving deals because you’ve “lavishly” spent the money your parents have constantly told you to save. I say “lavishly” because we all know we search our rooms finding items we have no clue the reason it has been bought. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; I sit here as the “starving college student” and writing about the one thing my parents tell me not to do, “spend my money.”

New York City has tons to offer, whether it be a tour of the fine city itself or hole in the wall eateries that happen to be the greatest kept secret to many. As a student living and going to school in New York, it’s necessary to save much more than I spend. Either I spend my money for snacks to keep me up during class or more money to spend for textbooks; the majority of my hard earned savings will be spent all the years while in school. Doesn’t matter where you’re from or how you’re living, New York will suck the money right out of your pockets. Just one poof and the money you just received from your first paycheck is half way done. Because I tend to find myself spending more than I save, I’m here to help you save more than you spend.

Beyond schooling, there’s also a separate life; that being my social “activity” life. There’s no place better than realizing there’s life outside the burden of papers, and tests every other week. Just like every college student going on a quest through the internet and magazine for activities to do, I have done the same. This social “activity” life helps me save my money while having fun in the process. What many students don’t understand is, as large as New York may be, it offers a massive amount of discounts and free activities for you and your friends to enjoy. With loads of discounted and free things to do, I’m here to gossip about the city’s best kept secrets.

Now as students are learning to save, companies and magazines are coming out with ways to not only get them noticed but to help us in our money saving “process.” One magazine I love to look at that helps ease my pockets is, “Time Out New York” magazine, a magazine that comes out at least twice a month and is a great buy. With topics such as: “Best free events in the city”, “giveaways” “cheap eateries”, “this week’s offers” and more, they’re sure to give you anything to enjoy in the city for less.

Websites such as specifically a ticket based website, offers New York City dwellers free and discounted tickets to places such as: basketball games, plays, musicals, concerts, etc. Let’s not forgot our trusted friend Google, the most searched website will help save you if no one else will. Just type in keywords such as: “free in the city”, “discount events” and you’ll be sure to find whatever it is you’d like to do. So what better way is there to enjoy the beautiful city of New York than to do so with a friend and at a fraction of the original cost.

If you like to eat out as much as I do, how about you stroll your way down to “Ballaro.” Campus Clipper has a special coupon for the caffe prosciutteria, 20% OFF Dinner and 10% OFF all the time, with the coupon and student ID in hand. Nothing better than to save the money in your pocket and eat in the process. Hurry and check it out!
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-Olivia Orellano

As a student, what better thing is there to do then save the money you invested so much time to earn? With you're able to do so! is a website specifically to help college students save money while they're in school. For 20 years Campus Clipper provides New York Students with an easy way to save money in the area where they study and work. Campus clipper invites students to explore their pocket-size discount coupon book that saves them cash on products and services. For example: health, concerts, nightlife, groceries, art supplies, etc. You name it they have it; with an array of coupon you are sure to save money on the things you use and buy everyday. So if you're looking to save, they are the go-to for all your go-to places. Students in New York are not alone, Campus Clipper recently expanded and now has savings at select areas in Philadelphia and Boston!

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"Campus Clipper: The way students learn to save money"

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to me! It's been over a year of neglect on my blog and I'm ready to come back. A lot has happened in between these months and a lot will continue to happen. I missed having someplace to write and decided I'm writing to continue what I've started. Still fairly new to the blogging "world" so bare with me. I'll try not to be as corny and be somewhat entertaining. Soo, I'm giving myself a warm welcome....WELCOME! :P (the corniness has began.)
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