Monday, February 27, 2012

Where are all the Jobs?!

Here I am, with two degrees; one in English and the other in Advertising and Public Relations. I'm stuck in the freshly graduated slump. The slump where I go days applying and reapplying to jobs, the slump that the majority of college graduates seem to go through at least once in their lifetime. We all need A job to help us earn money or THAT job to help us earn a salary. A job we enjoy working for or THAT job that feels like a drag everyday you enter its vicinity. As a graduate, finding a job is the hardest thing ever. The majority of jobs are looking for experienced workers and as a college graduate, the only experience I have is schooling -_-. Long story short, I need a job! I want a job that I'll enjoy going to every day and a job that will feed on my passion for writing. I love creating stories, editing others works, anything writing inspired/needed is what I love to do; this including magazines especially. So as I continue to cross my fingers, I hope THE job I want will come calling for ME (Olivia Orellano) soon. Until then, I'll have to keep applying and "enjoy" (sarcasm intended) this slump. Maybe even start the business I've always wanted to start.

Ollie O: "Define your Happiness"

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