Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I've Published a Book!

Good News! I've recently published a book that I only wrote for fun and in turn ended up publishing it. I'm very excited to have published it and though I ended up seeing 2/3 typos -______- this is my first book and there will be more to come! Above is the book summary:

Filled with personal accounts based on real college experiences from a recent college graduate, this guide offers help on the struggles of being financially independent. Starting a new school, creating new friendships, and experiencing difficult years while in college, these personal accounts are complete with helpful advice on just about everything that a student may need; including the realization of the everyday use of money. This is "Making a Dollar Stretch: The Graduates Guide to a Student's Lifesaver." 

You can purchase my book HERE on and Kindle!
OR HERE on Smashwords!

P.S Shoutout to Bo Ra Na Lim for the Graphics