Sunday, October 31, 2010


Besides how great this shot is, I couldn't help but notice that the one thing that made this shot so great are it's colors. The colors are what makes the photograph stand out even more. Every color has an emotion and every emotion has a story behind it. Not only are pictures worth 1,000 words but so are colors. Blue is no longer just Blue but Cerulean Blue (My Favorite), Royal Blue, Navy Blue, etc. Long ramble short, without color our lives will just be the same routine. People will no longer have emotions but the same expression and like colors no one will be seen as unique. To me colors are art itself and my means of expression both personally and artistically. Maybe later on I'll be able to fully express what color means to me, but for now just "Tickle Me Pink" ;)
Ollie O. "Define your Happiness"

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