Monday, January 16, 2012

As a student, what better thing is there to do then save the money you invested so much time to earn? With you're able to do so! is a website specifically to help college students save money while they're in school. For 20 years Campus Clipper provides New York Students with an easy way to save money in the area where they study and work. Campus clipper invites students to explore their pocket-size discount coupon book that saves them cash on products and services. For example: health, concerts, nightlife, groceries, art supplies, etc. You name it they have it; with an array of coupon you are sure to save money on the things you use and buy everyday. So if you're looking to save, they are the go-to for all your go-to places. Students in New York are not alone, Campus Clipper recently expanded and now has savings at select areas in Philadelphia and Boston!

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"Campus Clipper: The way students learn to save money"

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