Wednesday, November 24, 2010


No one has a clear view on what Art may mean. To some Art is like a type of religion; it is spiritual, meaningful, and powerful. People pay attention to what is “beyond” the picture. It is also a type of culture/custom and is what brings together and sets aside the differences of each culture. Art is an expression; your feelings and mood are what you paint or envision. For example they say when you’re angry you may see the color red, or when you’re sad you may see the color blue, etc. Art can be expressed as how you feel, and are. Though I feel that art can help better or educate young kids, society feels that art in America is dying out. Not because of its need of funding but because of societies lack of taste. Many people feel the same way about art as much as others do. However, because taste is different between each person, the government should not have to fund art, and force its tastes on people who do not feel the same way with art as others do. Slowly but surely art programs are being taken away from students and being placed with subjects such as: history, math, etc. It is our jobs as students to keep the ART ALIVE.
Ollie O.: "Define your Happiness"

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