Saturday, November 13, 2010


Youth where art though? The youth of today seem to not understand that they are today's future. We now have the younger generation caring less and less about the most important things in life like: Education, Career, Family etc. Nowadays you may see kids, teens, and young adults daily on the street doing nothing to better their lives. Their either partying, getting drunk, doing and/or selling drugs, and always up to no good. It is important for the younger generation to know that they govern how the "world" will look in the next ten years. Our decisions are in their hands, actions, and beliefs. If they choose not to better themselves for everyone else, whose hands do we determine our future with next? We only hope that this generation will pick the pieces back up and wake up to successfully continue real world needs; and also be able to better their own actions.
Ollie O. "Define your Happiness"

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